The Wikipedia Effect

I subscribe to the paper. The Star Tribune to be specific.

Some people might find that peculiar since I’m a digital marketer, I blog, and I pretty much live online (so much so that my husband comments about my tweets sometimes).

Despite those things, reading the newspaper is one of the highlights of my week. It’s a time I dedicate to catching up on local and national news. In fact, it’s something that I have been focusing on making time for, which is connected to the ‘Relax Project’ which is a whole other blog post.

While reading the paper over the past year, I realized that it has everything to do with actually consuming the content I’m reading. I can say that because I noticed that when I read the news online, I no longer read.


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Professional Crush: Erin Blaskie

Erin Blaskie
From hyfen / Andrew Louis

It’s time for another professional crush (see ’em here)!

When I started to learn about working online, and getting paid for it, one name kept coming across my search results, Erin Blaskie.

Blaskie is not only described as being in a ‘hot, passionate love affair with the Internet’ but she is nothing short of a digital media princess.

In college, I majored in electronic and corporate communications and spent most of my time in the campus radio and TV stations. As a result, I love podcasts, technology, and everything digital media. That’s why today’s professional crush is Erin Blaskie.

Blaskie is based in Canada, and runs a number of services for online businesses and activities.

Last February, I attended her Blog Design Bootcamp 3.0. She not only answered questions, posted additional resources, posted the videos, but also gave us the opportunity to submit any question we had when it came to blogging. It was awesome… I should probably go back and revamp this blog…

Blaskie is the business woman I aspire to be. She’s not only knowledgeable, but extremely easy to talk to. That doesn’t happen very often.

She has an an amazing blogging ethic, is an early adopter of online tools, and is really into customer service. She provides free emails with tips, eBooks, and much more.

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Social Media Training-Active, Engage, Learn

When I work with people or organizations on social media, I learn very quickly that (usually) groups don’t need a lecture on the usefulness of social media, but a plan. They need identifiable action steps to start learning and using the tools.

It’s intimidating and scary to think that somewhere out there, people aren’t going to like what you’re sharing, aren’t going to read what you say, or people could even openly challenge what you’re posting.

And to top it all off, everyone can see what others are saying about you and your brand. For better or for worse.

That alone, can be devestating. It’s such a public act that people are nervous as to where to start. To me, that’s the easy part. Starting. To some leaders (see how it can help leaders), it’s a moment where their blood pressure starts to soar.

So, to prevent blood pressure problems, let’s give people wanting to take the plunge a little direction.

How? Action Steps.

(*Disclaimer- I must give credit where credit is due, the titles from this section came from a client. I was giving out homework, and he  came up with better ways to describe what I was wanting them to do.— See, we all have something to learn from each other)

Take 15 minutes, five minutes a piece, to increase your activity and understanding of online tools by:

1. Getting Active

2. Becoming Engaged

3. Learning more

Let’s break those down.

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