5 reasons why I do not want to start my own business

Living, working and socializing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN often leaves me hungry for adventure and entrepreneurial ventures. It’s not a glamorous life, but it’s a demanding, challenging and strategic one. I crave that.

However, at this point in my life between, rent, student loans and a pending wedding, I’m not about to get caught up in a new business.

Oh, and here are some pretty reasonable reasons too:

1) My friends have enough businesses. Honestly, I feel exhausted just watching and freelancing for their sites and companies. It’s insane. They spend time with loved ones because they have an iPhone that says ‘Go home’. No, thanks. Not there.

2) My fiance is in school. I spent a year in Alaska on my radio adventure and skipped off to North Carolina for college before that. It’s time to put someone else first. And this someone needs to finish seminary. I’m dedicated to support him in his call.

3) I like BEING home. I walk in, answer emails, do yoga, blog and eat dinner. I’m not ready to be staying til 8 or 9pm. I enjoy going to our friend’s game nights and spending hours reading in the evening. Not there… yet.

4) I volunteer. No, really. Sometimes I log about 25-30 hours a week helping non-profits, small businesses and KFAI in between. I’m thirsty to serve.

5) I’m trying to build credit. I think that if I’m going to start something, it needs to be done when my credit isn’t so nuts. I’m trying to build it up- but I’m learning all about this process. It’s not easy or something I take lightly.

These aren’t the only ones, but they’re the honest main ones.

Have you taken the plunge? Why are you waiting?

I’d like to know why you don’t want to start your own business.

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