A Social Resume

What are people finding out about you online?

Yup, they’re doing it. Googling you. YouTube searches- it can happen. In fact, Emily Jasper over at ‘From the Gen Y Perspective’ talked about using a search engine to investigate her dates. If I wasn’t engaged, I’d be right there with her.

Show the stalkers what you want them to see – your ideas.

However, what if we could all turn that to work for us instead of against us?

The birth of the social resume

Watch this:

Penelope Trunk’s start-up Brazen Careerist recently launched something called a ‘social resume’ (personally, I think that needs to be copyrighted NOW). This idea might seem confusing, but it really is just another revolution to merge quality content. More specifically, YOUR ideas, thoughts and words. Admittedly,  (admit it, if you do anything on social media- you do too) I redistribute content frequently. My thoughts are posted across social media platforms, it’s only natural that my Twitter feeds and blog content is at least similar… So, why not connect the dots?

Why this is awesome

When I tweet and blog, all of my ideas, thoughts (that I filter out) and posts are fed onto Brazen. This is great to display what I’m doing. Also, it shows what I’m doing and thinking… all the time. You know what that means HR reps and hiring managers, someone could fake it till they make it, but if they say they think that the corporate world is their oyster, and you see a post on how they love large organizations because of the advancement opportunities and structure, that’s valuable.

This gives me the opportunity to give the transparency that I require in a company. I think to an extent, it should be reciprocated. If I hand them my messages, goals, accomplishments and dreams, it’s apparent that I’m driven, goal oriented with a sense of accountability.

It’s all about control

Organizations and companies are hopping onto the social media wagon, and if you are already on personally, why not tweak it to your advantage? By feeding my blog and tweets onto my social resume on Brazen, I can tailor my message for distribution via retweets, blog comments and re-posts. What does this do? Gives me control- something I want to at least feel like I have.

Also, I have my work history visible to back up my ideas and interests. What if they don’t match? I think that’s alright too! Think about it, you might be pursuing passions while the bills are being paid and food on the table. Oh, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Overall, the social resume is a great way for me to interact with others that are thinking AND doing great and cool things that I’m interested in. I’m able to connect with people that give me a great perspective on a new job, or someone that has a view that’s foreign to my own. This social activity is my way of having a virtual cocktail party, except I can skip the small talk and awkward silences and dive right into the meat of it all.

What do you think? Is a social resume something that you could use? If so, how? If not, why?

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