Kristina’s Media is dedicated to educating, empowering and enriching your understanding of digital marketing, communications, marketing, and collaborative tools.

I’m pretty much an addict about digital marketing and how to ensure you are focusing on the humanity that your business serves.

I enjoy learning about technology and how you can use tech for more efficient  purposes.

About Kristina in short:

Kristina E. Smith grew up in San Antonio, Texas til she left to attendLenoir-Rhyne College (now University) in Hickory, North Carolina. She majored in communications with emphasis in electronic and corporate communications.

From there she spent a year in the sub-Arctic of Alaska working for KNOM as a DJ and educational production director. From there she went to  St. Paul, MN to work as a marketer in the publishing sector, and while she was there, she got married, had a baby, and then decided that she missed NC.

Kristina now resides with her growing family in a small paper mill town, Canton, NC. She enjoys reading about tech, spending time with her boys, and drinking tea coffee.

In long:

Kristina grew up in a family with a passion for the education field. Not just the –you-go-to-school-then-college-and-masters– education, but a REAL passion for helping (little) people get where they need to go by assisting them in valuable cognitive, emotional and social development.

She moved out of the Lone Star State to follow her dream of going into psychology. It wasn’t long til she realized that her minor in communications was calling her.

Kristina went on to be active in several organizations on college, including: greek lifecommunications honor society, residence life, the campus radio station and more. Her passion for communications and non-profits lead her to the great white north after graduation.

After her adventure (which is documented) she headed to the fair state of Minnesota where she was active in the vibrant community of the Twin Cities.

Kristina is avid about giving back to her community. One way she did that in Minnesota was through KFAI where she volunteered on the twitter team and was an active member at St. Antony Park Lutheran Church where she attended and worked to enhance their social media presence.

Now Kristina Smith proudly lives in Canton, NC where she enjoys living blocks away from the Pigeon River, small town life, reading business journals, and works in the hospitality and tourism industry where she works toward preserving the art of hospitality.

**DISCLAIMER: The content and opinions of this website do not represent her employer or volunteer organizations IN ANY WAY.

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