Blogs: Our window to the world

Maggie Heafner blogs about finding and utilizing personal ability. Combining her interests in personality and disability advocacy, she hopes that through her blog, readers (having a disability or not)  can begin to realize they have Ability in Abundance, no matter their situation. She is very excited to have a chance to work with Kristina Proctor, who no doubt understands and utilizes her Ability in Abundance.

My favorite psychology professor in college (he was such a great teacher I took everything he taught) had a first day of class ritual. He always drew a big circle on the board, drew some figures that were supposed to be continents inside the circle and then a little tiny box somewhere within the circle. This was his illustration of how we view the world. The big circle is the world, then the continents, and the little tiny box was our window to the world. “All our windows are in different places” he would say “we all have a distinctly unique way of looking at the world.” This concept has stuck with me since sophomore year of college.

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