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Maggie Heafner blogs about finding and utilizing personal ability. Combining her interests in personality and disability advocacy, she hopes that through her blog, readers (having a disability or not)  can begin to realize they have Ability in Abundance, no matter their situation. She is very excited to have a chance to work with Kristina Proctor, who no doubt understands and utilizes her Ability in Abundance.

My favorite psychology professor in college (he was such a great teacher I took everything he taught) had a first day of class ritual. He always drew a big circle on the board, drew some figures that were supposed to be continents inside the circle and then a little tiny box somewhere within the circle. This was his illustration of how we view the world. The big circle is the world, then the continents, and the little tiny box was our window to the world. “All our windows are in different places” he would say “we all have a distinctly unique way of looking at the world.” This concept has stuck with me since sophomore year of college.

I fell in love with blogs about a year and a half ago. They are awesome. Reading about people who pack up all their stuff and move across country, people following their dreams, people making money and doing what they love is an amazing experience. Bloggers are witty; they carefully craft posts that will rock your socks off, make you think, make you want to change, make you laugh, and even make you cry. Their blogs are works of art, scrapbooks of awesome adventures, resumes of hard work, basically portfolios of fabulousness. I could never be a blogger.

Am I doing something awesome like moving to a huge city to pursue a dream? Nope.

Do I have a fabulous job that I love and is, hands down, what I was created to do? Nope.

Do I go on huge adventures? No, not really.

Do I have really good writing skills. Debatable, my grammar is not that great.

Do I have a claim to fame? No.

That was me a few months ago. My life is not exciting, no one would ever want to read about me.

Then something clicked…

Do I have interests? Of course.

Do I have passion? Yes.

Do I have opinions? Yes.

Do I think that at least one person out there may want to hear them? Maybe…Probably.

Am I looking for a way to connect the things that I am really interested in? Yep.

Am I looking for a way to get myself out there and known about, so that one day I may have a job that truly encompasses my passion? Yes.

Do I want to learn more about people? Yes.

Do I want to learn more about me? Yes.

Do I want to learn more about the topics that interest me? Yes.

When the realization of the last set of questions sank in, I knew that I could blog and I was ready. I took a couple favorite things: writing and psychology, mixed in what I am passionate about: disability advocacy and helping people realize their passion and Ability in Abundance was born. Currently, all of the first questions that I had can be answered in the same way. My situation is the same, but my attitude about my situation has changed.

So why blog?…why not blog? Don’t let what you feel you should be or what you feel a blog should be, get in your way. After all, a blog is only a way of explaining what you see out of your window to the world. I do not look out my window and see skyscrapers, the job I’ve always dreamed of, or an adventure at every turn. Right now I am okay with looking out my window and seeing a great pasture full of wildlife, a job that may not be my dream, but gives me a chance to work with great kids, and my opinions on the things that I love and am passionate about.  My blog may not be perfect, it may not be pretty, and that comma may be in the wrong place, but it is my window to the world and that is all that matters.

How is your blog your window to your world? What are some things that may have stopped you from blogging in the beginning? What made you take the plunge?

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