Digg becomes even more social OR Twitter 2.0?

Digg sent out a ‘sneak-peak‘ email last week that goes over some of the new features of the Digg website. Inside the email was a ‘private’ YouTube link talking about the new layout a features.

Now, Digg seems to be following the Twitter/social networking concept.

Soon you’ll be able to follow certain people and organizations and see what they have ‘Dugg’.  These Diggs will be under ‘My News’- which consists of all the people and organizations you are choosing to follow.

Digg will also have a section called ‘Top News’ that posts all the top articles that have been posted multiple times by the people/orgs you are ‘following’

Video selling points:

Digg doesn’t have the status update ‘spam’ (yes, I’m an update spammer too at times), and that is another point they are trying to sell the new site on. They are focused on content, not what people are having in their morning coffee.

Imported feeds-that’s right bloggers. This might be a handy feature. You don’t have to add your own posts anymore, they are already ‘Dugg’ through the import feature. Now, this does worry me since some people could just be paid to have bogus accounts with several corporate feeds about their products. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

My view is that this seems to just be a higher form of Twitter. I can follow someone and see the content they Dugg (retweeted) and I can Digg it myself (re-retweet) and it continues to go through my followers.

Is this an improvement? Will this increase Digg traffic?

Check out the ‘secret’ video here:

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