How social media expands my world

Today was exceptional. Why?

Besides being employed and generally happy about being alive… I met up with Katie Schutrop for happy hour (even though Don Pablos in Roseville apparently doesn’t do that???) and some geek talk. She blogs here about her life in the Twin Cities and a load of various topics. Her latest blog she interviewed @GirlMeetsGeek on Getting social with your job search.

Katie has been busy in the Minneapolis/St. Paul! Between founding AND organizing the Young Professional Communicators – Twin Cities to keeping up with the PR and social media world, she’s an amazing young professional that you want to keep track of.

Back to me…

Why was today awesome? Well, overall it’s great to be around someone else that speaks my language. From discussing how a local chain isn’t up to social media par to how twitter can be used to enhance and create relationships, she’s all about some insight and conversation.

It’s mostly awesome because none of this would have happened without Twitter. Skeptical?

Katie and I met on Twitter. She was following some people I was following and … BAM! We started following one another and soon enough we began to tweet and comment back and forth. My world was opened.

I moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul in August of 2008 and found it difficult to find people in my field (communications) as a fresh face in a new city. Now, that’s a different story. Social media gives me a place to meet up and discuss ideas, compare notes and network the crack out of the this glorious area. No, really. I have at least 2-3 meetings a week from conversations that started on twitter. From people seeking me out or from networking groups that I heard about via… wait for it… SOCIAL MEDIA.

I can’t even tell you how I’ve expanded my volunteering opportunities. That’s the tip of the iceberg and another blog post.

How are you expanding your world? Do you use social media to enhance or grown connections?

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