Moving on, tweeting for a salary and customer service

*spo0ky*I have recently accepted a position that will have me Facebooking, tweeting, managing  YouTube accounts and several other marketing and communication tasks… I couldn’t be happier! However, it got me thinking about the stigma of these positions and how it’s always so much more than just updating Facebook and links.

There are many facets to positions that manage a company’s social media outlets. While people are responding to customer questions and concerns, workers also organize and implement marketing campaigns that are apart of larger plans. However, I believe that many times there is one major section that isn’t seen- the role of customer service in social media.


Looking into how companies service customers online can be a huge part of any social media related position. I believe that you can reach your audience on a personal level when you respond to a Facebook question or concern. With this in mind, it’s important to have your social media marketing people prepared with basic training tips and etiquette of the social media world.


  • Speak their language. Don’t bog down your viral information with company lingo. Relate to your customer, don’t make them relate to you!
  • Don’t use caps. No really, this can be like yelling at someone, and that’s not cool. Ever.
  • Have prepared comments and statements. This may seem too canned for you, but by having some prepared responses to FAQs will give guidance to anyone. Soon, employees/customer service reps be able to create their own! Oh, and this can help maintain messaging.
  • Create boundaries.What answers/information isn’t/shouldn’t be posted. When people have account questions you don’t want to post private company information. Keep in mind that not everyone understands how Facebook walls work, so try to protect them.
  • Monitor harassment. Yup. It just might happen and it’s not cool when it’s left up. Monitor daily and be proactive by deleting or monitoring your sites.

Customer service can be a massive part of your social media campaign, so your marketing or social media prince/princess does need customer service training. Here are some ways that you can increase your customer communication through social media:

  • Have one-on-one conversations. Social media allows you to have public conversations with people. If one person has a questions or concern, you probably have someone out there wondering the same thing. Let’s share the information.
  • Maintain a consistent message. If you use social media, you need to make sure that people across mediums are maintaining the same messages. You don’t want to confuse customers, employees or vendors.
  • Continue to adapt and grow. Don’t be afraid to integrate and try new things. Early adopters might not always be right, but they’re sure as hell not always wrong.
  • Take things offline. If you have a customer that is clearly unhappy, try to reach out to them. Giving them some special attention might be all they needed to clear up any confusion or frustration.
  • Don’t be afraid to let things pass. If it’s clear that a customer is unhappy and are posting negative comments on social media outlets, take a breath and watch. Sometimes your raving fans just might be able to come to the rescue.

These are just a few ways that social media and customer service are connected.

What are you doing for social emdia/customer service training? Do you do cross departamental training with your social media and marketing employees?

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