Recommendations for Kristina

Kristina is an excellent leader and manager, both knowledgeable in the most important digital technologies and metrics pertaining to the email world as well as highly adept at consolidating the needs of multiple marketing managers across our company, all while keeping core strategic initiatives at the heart of all her marketing decisions. Capable of balancing the big picture with the minutia of running a highly complex digital marketing channel, she is the very definition of a person who is able to “get things done” and do them well. ” –Valery Caputi Lopez, Kristina supervised

“It was a pleasure to work with Kristina. Very knowledgeable about social media and she offered strategic direction for my company’s media sources. Our meetings were focused and Kristina consistently met deadlines. I am was very pleased with the final products and I would definitely bring her on again to future projects.” – Cathy Skinner, CEO and Founder of THRIVORS, freelance client

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