YouTube- why you should have a channel.

Working with non-profits and small businesses I’ve learned that some think the video sharing site YouTube is trashy.

Comments I’ve heard:

I don’t want anyone just linking to my video.

It’s unprofessional, I would never want my content available there. There’s no criteria.

All of these comments can be true in some sense. However, those reasons have made the site successful.

What about not wanting just anyone linking to your video.

And WHY NOT? (Oh, I went there with caps)

When people want to credit, publicize or pass on information, why won’t you let them? YouTube has an ’embed’ and an ‘url’ box so people can share what you’ve created. By creating the message and sharing it, ultimately you can gain more control. Don’t make us create your message, we’ll never get it right. As much as we love you-the consumer, volunteer, employee- we need some guidelines to pass your information on. Otherwise, you’ll have a shotty mess.

To those that deem YouTube ‘unprofessional– that’s what has made it so successful. By allowing people to upload a video of their child’s dance recital or how they save money by clipping coupons you can see what a consumer craves. No, really. What are they wanting or talking about or UPLOADING?

There are loads of ‘unprofessional’ videos that scream, human interest story, home improvement tips, financial advice and tips for dressing for success. Find your audience, subscribe to their feeds and post possible solutions or responses.  Build a community.

YouTube ranks second in search engines. If I want to learn how to pour paint and you are a hardware or paint store- are you available with a ‘how-to’ video on how I can tackle this without splashing it everywhere? No? Then HomeDepot it is then!

Don’t make me do it all myself. FIND ME! It’s Socialnomics:

Are you on YouTube? Why or whynot?

Oh, and don’t say because you can’t afford $150 flip camera and software. Take the time to learn, the consumers will thank you for it later.

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