Social Media Training-Active, Engage, Learn

When I work with people or organizations on social media, I learn very quickly that (usually) groups don’t need a lecture on the usefulness of social media, but a plan. They need identifiable action steps to start learning and using the tools.

It’s intimidating and scary to think that somewhere out there, people aren’t going to like what you’re sharing, aren’t going to read what you say, or people could even openly challenge what you’re posting.

And to top it all off, everyone can see what others are saying about you and your brand. For better or for worse.

That alone, can be devestating. It’s such a public act that people are nervous as to where to start. To me, that’s the easy part. Starting. To some leaders (see how it can help leaders), it’s a moment where their blood pressure starts to soar.

So, to prevent blood pressure problems, let’s give people wanting to take the plunge a little direction.

How? Action Steps.

(*Disclaimer- I must give credit where credit is due, the titles from this section came from a client. I was giving out homework, and he  came up with better ways to describe what I was wanting them to do.— See, we all have something to learn from each other)

Take 15 minutes, five minutes a piece, to increase your activity and understanding of online tools by:

1. Getting Active

2. Becoming Engaged

3. Learning more

Let’s break those down.

What I usually instruct people to do is to  really explore online spaces. This could be Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (anyone still there?), YouTube, BrazenCareerist, etc.

For ‘Getting Active’:

Jump onto the site your comfortable with. Facebook seems to be the easiest one to get people to begin on…

So log onto your Facebook account, post a status, comment on a friend’s profile and interact with your custom made network. The goal is to increase your understanding on how it works, help you become more comfortable online, and to see how your friends and organizations interact with you and how they interact with one another.

Remember- 5 MINUTES ONLY.

For ‘Becoming Engaged’:

Here, we take the online platform that you might be a member of, but don’t really participate in. Most recently, the network that pops up when I’m training is Twitter. People have accounts, they watch their feed, but might post once every six months.

For this, I suggest that people become engaged. What they can do, is find where other people are talking about things that interest them. You can do this by using the search boxes, and look for things your interested in. For example,  if your interested in talking to human resource specialists and people looking for jobs check out #Jobhuntchat.

From there, look at what people are saying, and if you’d like to participate, jump in! At first, put a toe in the water and post comments and links that won’t keep you up at night worrying if it was ridiculous.

Don’t worry about being boring, liberal, or contraversial. Right now, you’re learning to swim. You might want to start in the shallow end observing other people  diving into the lap lanes. You can see how other people are interacting, and from there, you can mimic their actions.

Remember: 5 MINUTES ONLY

For ‘Learning More’:

Since these tools are constantly evolving, it can be hard to know where to start. So, instead of jumping onto YouTube to see if there are videos about networks, go to the network website and click ‘About Us’. From there, many have videos, descriptions, and even best practices. Those are great places to learn more about the audiences, goals, and focus of a social platform.

I went over to LinkedIn and clicked on ‘About’ and found the video below that explains what LinkedIn is, what you can do, and how the site can benefit you.

These videos are usually under 2 minutes! Now, take those three to sign up and add a contact or two to your network.

Remember: 5 MINUTES ONLY


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