Television: True Blood’s social media presence

I have to say, we’re fans of True Blood in this house. I look forward to Sunday evenings in summer when we can watch the dangers that await Sookie Stackhouse. Not only do I watch the show, but I also read Charlene Harris’ books that the show is (loosely) based on. Although they are pretty different when it comes to plots and characters, there are occasional nods to the books, but I think that’s more for the readers.

Besides the compelling characters (LaLa and Eric Northman), one marketing tool that is utilized that keeps me excited about this summer show is their social media.

Ways to True Blood keeps people coming back for more:

  • Vlogging. This isn’t an easy option! But True Blood does it, and does it well… all from the perspective of baby vampire Jessica. On her teen bop of a site, she discusses her experiences and trials of being a baby vampire. MY FAV: Watch.
  • Fun hashtags. Ok, so this past year, when True Blood was filming, they would often release teaser videos on twitter with hastags like #waitingsucks and how many more days til the season premiere. Of course we’d  get excited all over again. Also, check out #trubies if you want to see some die hard fans.
  • Facebook visuals. Often, during a hiatus, the HBO original series will post hilarious images with corresponding ROFL captions. Often reminding me why Jason is one of my favorite characters. Seriously. See this seasonal post, and this one. And this one… 
If you’re looking for ideas on how to engage viewers/subscribers, take a peek at True Blood or another cult following type show. The hastags and blogs will follow.
True Blood on Twitter:

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