The Social Network- PART 1

Thanks to Social Media Breakfast (and Columbia Entertainment) I was able to attend an early showing of The Social Network. This movie has generated tons of buzz, at least online and in the news, and I was excited to get the opportunity to have an advanced showing of the flick.

The experience: Violated? Check.

I arrived at the theater with my husband, parked, stood in line, got tickets, and went to the theater entrance. Standing in front of our theater was security with metal detector wands, and tickets.

Why another ticket?

Because they were taking our phones and we needed to ‘check’ them. Why you ask? To prevent any one recording the movie.

After my purse is searched and we both pass the metal detector test, we venture into the theatre to find our assigned seats.

When we sit down, we have at least 45 minutes until the film starts, but since we aren’t wearing watches (our phones have replaced that accessory), we don’t know the time. That alone, was annoying. I kept thinking that this was really some sort of psychological experiment and the researchers were watching all the social media enthusiasts twitch as the reach when they feel phantom vibrations from a phone that isn’t there.

Luckily, at one point, someone yelled the time. ‘It’s 7:15!’ Whew, almost there.

Finally, one woman stood up front and thanked everyone for coming to the showing. What was interesting was that she said that marketing was all word of mouth, or how one of my Professional Crushes puts it, ‘World of Mouth‘.

As she retreated back to a seat she did say ‘If you brought in a cell phone they will be watching with night vision and if you are caught, you’ll be kicked out…’

I thought ‘Oh God. Night vision? Should I button up my sweater more?’

Suddenly… the countdown for the film begins. No previews. No tacky trivia. Just the film.

Opening scene: Mark and his current girlfriend are sitting in a bar…

The movie:

Coming soon…

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