Tweet & they will come?

A while back I was surfing my twitter feed and I came across a tweet from someone saying that since the the doctor had no presence online, she canceled her appointment.

Is the online world and social media turning into a lifestyle? I believe it already has.

My vegan friends won’t eat at restaurants that use any animal products. The only reason I’m a fan of Green Mill is because of the great work they do on social media.

Does their online presence raise their credibility?

If you take a peek at Punch Pizza in Minnesota, they are all over Facebook and Twitter. People can comment and interact with people directly at Punch. This is a great example of transparency- so I believe that having and active online presence can increase credibility. If you have a place for people to gather and discuss services, you are providing a community for your customers.

Have you avoided a group, organization or company if they didn’t have an online presence?

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