Who am I? I donno, but do not just ask Google.

Today, if people want to get to know a client, potential employee, consultant or even a date, we can Google them. From there you might be able to see college activities, their current employer, wedding pictures or blog posts. However, there’s so much that Google isn’t able to find… even with their mad search engine and crazy connections to social networks.

To see what Google sees, I put my name into the search box and this is what happened:

It took me 6 months to even get on the first page of the search results. Did you know that there is a Kristina Proctor in real estate out west and a professor in Colorado? Well, you wouldn’t know now… at least not from the first page.

When Google gathers all this information about me, it’s not grabbing the valuable content. Instead, I’m identified by titles and the collection of social networking sites. These activities are only pieces of the person I am and who I aspire to be. It doesn’t mention when my birthday is, or that my favorite color is green (although it might now), but it shows my name with links of sites that also contain my name.

My first thought? LAME.

I don’t believe that this can really paint an accurate picture that answers the question ‘who am I?’.

It’s not who I am as a whole person. We’re all more than site members and LinkedIn contacts. I believe that companies and organizations are more than their Google or Facebook rankings too for that matter.

So, can Google answer the question: Who am I?

Well, Google can if it means that I’m only two dimensional, meaning that I only live online. Which, despite popular belief, is not the case. If people or organizations want to get to know me, Googling is a great place to start, but it’s not the be all end all… oh, and I don’t think social media is either.

I do not think that Google can tell people the answer to ‘Who am I?’, but it sure can show you what I have been.

So am I able to answer the question: Who am I?

Sure, I like to think so.

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